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General FAQ
Although Demo Day is often mistaken for a “startup pitch competition,” the original idea behind the event was to provide startups with the opportunity to showcase new products, services, or business models to a group of investors in hopes of securing a follow-on investment. Demo Day, in this sense, is primarily geared towards startups that have gone through an accelerator program and are looking to share their progress during that program to a target group of investors.

SparkLabs Demo Day is uniquely designed as a public event that invites not just investors, but everyone from students and future entrepreneurs to corporate/government/non-profit representatives and the media. We do this with the hopes of broadening the public’s understanding of the importance of nurturing great startups in Korea and the role that accelerators play in that journey. For each Demo Day, we also invite industry leaders from diverse fields to share their insights and discuss the latest tech trends across the globe.
SparkLabs Demo Day is hosted twice a year, normally around April and November.
Demo Day is completely open to the public and free to attend. However, the opportunity to pitch in front of the audience or to set up a booth is reserved for startups that have gone through SparkLabs’ accelerator program.
Registration will be open until the day before Demo Day, and you can sign up for free on the SparkLabs Demo Day website.
Yes, you can still register for the event on site.
A significant portion of the event, such as pitches by SparkLabs Global Ventures’ international portfolio companies or the panel session featuring mentors and experts from abroad, will be conducted in English. We also provide simultaneous translation for our audience.
We do not offer assigned seating for this event.
The panel session provides our audience the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, who have deep insights into the latest technological trends shaping the world. You can also experience first-hand a wide range of products and services that SparkLabs’ portfolio companies will display at their respective booths. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to win giveaway prizes at the event!
You can view all of our previous events at SparkLabs’ official YouTube channel
SparkLabs Demo Day is a hybrid event that is conducted on- and off-line simultaneously. For those who are not able to attend the event in person, we provide an online platform where you can enjoy the full live-stream of our event, as well as the online booths and networking opportunities with other online participants.
As part of our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we do not provide drinks or refreshments.
Due to limited parking space, we are unable to provide free parking. If possible, we ask our visitors to use public transportation.
SparkLabs Demoday
Investor FAQ
SparkLabs operates accelerator programs for two batches of teams each year, and we attract a wide spectrum of local and global startups. The startups you will meet are quite diverse and not limited to certain sectors.
Notable startups from internet, mobile, online gaming, e-commerce, digital media, healthcare, fintech, IoT, and foodtech will be presenting at the event.
We provide one-pagers of the startups that participate in our Demo Day, so that investors may get more specific details about the companies after listening to the pitches. For investors who would like to obtain such information, please sign up to our list via the link below.

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The booths at the event will give you a chance to meet a wide variety of SparkLabs’ portfolio companies. If you wish to get in touch with a company that does not operate a booth on Demo Day, please contact for more information.
We also host the Investor Day on an occasional basis, an event that invites investors to meet with startups at various stages of fundraising. If you would like to receive an invitation to the event, please sign up for our mailing list via the link below.

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